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Read some thought-provoking articles on women entrepreneurship by our leaders.

Posted by The Financial Express on 07 Jan 2022

Bridging skill development gaps for women’s empowerment

As India has become one of the Youngest nations globally, with a median age of 28 Years, the global community has lauded the country’s youth as the most advantageous demographic dividend in today’s times.

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Posted by Forbes India on 25 Jan 2022

How do we keep women’s entrepreneurial spirit alive?

Women entrepreneurs have the ability to influence and inspire future generations. For women, the reasons behind beginning their own businesses might vary. As per the Landscape Study on Women Entrepreneurship by EdelGive Foundation

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Posted by Firstpost on 07 Dec 2022

Why private sector investments is important to develop women-led agricultural businesses

In middle and low-income countries like India, Bangladesh, Brazil, Vietnam, etc., agriculture remains the most important source of employment, especially for women.

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Posted by Forbes India on 10 Jun 2021

Boosting female entrepreneurship can generate millions of jobs. Mentorship is key

Female entrepreneurship can generate transformational employment in India—of 150–170 million jobs—which is more than 25 percent of the new jobs required for the entire working-age population, from now until 2030

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Posted by ETNOWNEWS on 06 Jul 2021

Tales of grit and courage – The journey of women entrepreneurs in India during COVID-19

Reinvention and swift adaptation to the ‘new normal’ proved to be the determining factor between some businesses succeeding, with others shutting down permanently.

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Posted by Forbes India on 13 Jul 2021

Covid-19 decimated rural women-led enterprises. Technology saved them

The government has mentorship programs, but greater changes including readily available toolkits for training, and economic rebates for sectors that largely have women functionaries are the need of the hour for women’s complete assimilation into the digital economy

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Posted by Forbes India on 23 Jun 2021

How women are battling challenges of Covid-19 and changing the face of development

There are many deep-rooted structural challenges that are holding women back, and they need to be acknowledged and addressed effectively for more women to emerge as leaders.

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Posted by Feminisminindia on 23 Jun 2021

Women Empowerment Must Go Beyond An Aspirational Catch Phrase

When it comes to the status of women in society, India has always been a land of contradiction.

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Posted by India Today on 23 Jun 2021

Tribal housewife uses skill training to turn herself into bamboo entrepreneur

Mira Devi is a determined woman with a strong desire to learn some technical skills in order to support the family’s financial condition.

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Posted by Business World on 23 Jun 2021

Breaking Biases At Workplaces: Understanding Gender-based Discrimination

When Sanjana was appointed as CFO of her company, she had not imagined that she would be subjected to constant criticism.

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Posted by IANSLIFE on 23 Jun 2021

Women Entrepreneurship Day: 5 ways to strengthen biz in post-COVID world

Businesses will have to adopt new frameworks which allow for short-term growth, while building a foundation of long-term resilience.

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Posted by Financial Express on 23 Jun 2021

Women Entrepreneurship Day 2020: Measures to encourage entreprise among women

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, our economy has been severely impacted and as physical distancing is the norm.

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Posted by TOI on 23 Jun 2021

Boosting entrepreneurship among women – A golden opportunity to bring the economy back on track

38-year-old, Yasmin Attar, a school dropout, was married off at a young age. However, she obtained training, enrolled in a cash credit programme and availed a loan to start a bangle-making unit and a grocery shop.

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Press Releases

EdelGive Foundation And FICCI In Collaboration With The State Education Department Of Maharashtra Launch ‘Leadership Dialogues’ To Foster An Entrepreneurial Mindset Among Students, Especially Young Girls In Maharashtra

EdelGive Foundation and FICCI join hands to create an inclusive and enabling environment for women to play a key role in entrepreneurial ecosystem

Businesses owned by women entrepreneurs in India likely to grow up to 90% in the next 5 years, as per the recent EdelGive Foundation Report