We at EdelGive Foundation, are committed to supporting UdyamStrees on their entrepreneurial journey and helping them achieve financial independence. We believe that hearing about the journeys of some brilliant women entrepreneurs, trying and succeeding in their endeavours, can bring about a unique lens for their social inclusion and innovation.

Our CEO, Naghma Mulla, goes the exta mile to share their tales of hope, promises, and encouragement with you. This interview series with Naghma explore the budding and advancing career sof women entrepreneurs in rural India.

Discover how rural India is leading toward social transformation with #StoriesOfUdyamStree.

Episode 1:
Stories of UdyamStree - Firoja Khatun

1. Firoja Khatun, a human trafficking survivor, shares her entrepreneurial journey of becoming a leader of Utthan and the Indian Leadership Forum Against Trafficking (ILFAT).

Episode 2:
Stories of UdyamStree - Kashmira Laskar

2. Kashmira Laskar, a human trafficking survivor shares her entrepreneurial journey of becoming a leader of Bandhan Mukti and Indian Leadership Forum Against Trafficking (ILFAT).

Episode 3:
Stories of UdyamStree - Pitta Rajani

3. Pitta Rajani, the survivor Leader of Vimukhti, who now runs a garland-making business, describes the challenges and the successes she has experienced during COVID-induced lockdown.

Episode 4:
Stories of UdyamStree – Anita Nawale

4. Anita Nawale, a CORO Fellow, details her journey from being a dependent young widow to becomng a successful cloth and garment trader.

Episode 5:
Stories of UdyamStree – Chanchal Rokade

5. Chanchal Rokade, Leader, Haqdarshak describes her journey of inspiring a chain of change among female entrepreneurs and educating them about SHGs, food licenses, and government schemes.

Episode 6:
Stories of UdyamStree – Deepa Devi

6. Deepa Devi, who faced many financial and societal obstacles before finally setting up her tailoring business, shares her inspiring entrepreneural journey.