• Under this program 365 organizations were created which helped empowerment of rural women. It is an
    ambitious program of Rs. 528 crore
  • Through this scheme, the government aims to get one lakh households out of poverty, and accelerate work on five lakh self-help groups and other initiatives related to women empowerment
  • The budget announced a Navtejaswini Yojana, at a cost of ₹528 crore
  • The state will spend ₹252 crore on a women safety initiative planned for three years on a pilot basis, to set up long-term measures for women’s safety and eliminate crimes against women
  • The government also announced a new scheme to make widows, abandoned and divorcee women independent and self-sufficient. A provision of ₹200 crore made for the scheme in the first year
  • Focusing on employment schemes for women and youth from minority communities, the state will spend another ₹100 crore to create employment opportunities and skill development programmes. Additionally, it has reserved 30% of the industrial parks, planned to be created in 50 tehsils at a cost of ₹300 crore, for women entrepreneurs