UdyamStree is an initiative by the EdelGive Foundation. Through UdyamStree, we aim to bring forth the stories of entrepreneurial women in India and the economic and societal challenges faced by them. Our aim is to bring people together to communicate, collaborate and commit to enabling and empowering women across India to follow their dreams of becoming entrepreneurs, nation-builders and changemakers of the society.

You can download our state-wise findings and other key highlights from the study at here

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13 Indian states were taken into consideration for the study.

1235 women entrepreneurs were surveyed for this study.

It is a comprehensive report that highlights the various financial, familial, societal, and personal challenges faced by women entrepreneurs. The impact of Covid-19 on women-owned enterprises has also been highlighted in the report. The purpose of this study is to understand the factors that motivate women to start their own businesses and the different obstacles they come across in their journey of achieving financial independence.

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You can help women entrepreneurs by buying more often from them and raising voice against gender stereotypes that limit them from realising their potential. Share our philosophy with the world, you never know how many women’s lives you may touch through these small gestures.