About Us

What is UdyamStree?

UdyamStree is an initiative by the EdelGive Foundation, to promote entrepreneurship as a key driver for women's economic empowerment in India. Through its commitment to bridge the economic gender gap by collective action and engagement aross stakeholder groups, UdyamStree works towards creating a conducive environment for women entrepreneurs in India.

The 'Landscape study on Women Entrepreneurship' is a flagship initiative under the UdyamStree campaign. It offers insight into the multifaceted challenges women face during their entrepreneurial journey and how policy implementation, advocacy and multistakeholder interventions can overcome them. [Can rethink this second para. Not sure we should call the Landscape study an initiative]

Why Women Entrepreneurship?

Women's participation in
entrepreneurship could increase

India's GDP by $ 0.7 trillion by 2025.

Business run by Women entrepreneurs could create new jobs for other women, inspiring them to workforce, resulting in exponential econimic growth.

About The EdelGive Foundation

EdelGive Foundation is one of India's leading grant-making organisations, and the go-to partner of choice for Indian and foreign founders wanting to engage with the Indian development ecosystem. It functions as a Philanthropic Fund Manger and Advisor between grant-makers and credible NGOs. Over the last 13 years, Edelgive Foundation has supported over 150 organisations across 111 districts in 14 states of India, influencing commitments of over INR 461 crore to NGOs in the Sector.

An Overview of Women's Economic Status in India

India being the 3rd largest startup ecosystem in the world

Despite harbouring ambitions, Indian women struggle to find stable and gainful emploment due to unequal access to opportunities. Deep-rooted gender norms and socio-cultural impediments such as unequal access to finance and property, along with the lack of support from family, restrict their participation in the country's economy.

As per the World Economic Forum's Gender Gap Report 2021

The Economy Gender Gap is particularly profound in India

India ranks at



It has fallen by
among 28 places
since 2020

It is the third-worst
performer among
South Asian countires

Economic opportunities for Indian Women

The United Nations' 2030 Agenda
for Sustainable Development

defines the way forward for economic growth, gender equality, poverty and a secure future through partnerships and collaborations. The UdyamStree campaign aligns with, and endeavors to, achieve Sustainable Development Goal no. 05(add context about what the SDGs are/drafted by who/when etc.), i.e., Gender Equality, through its vision to create a gender-inclusive ecosystem and a level playing field for women entrepreneurs in the country.

For more information, please visit www.edelgive.org