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Creating a Platform for Collective Action

Driving the Conversation

Building and socialising a repository of research and data to strengthen the narrative of expanding women’s financial status through entrepreneurship.

Creating a Platform for Collective Action

Creating a Platform for Collective Action

Engaging and partnering with corporates, funders, influencers, and experts which could bring change at community and policy level.

Creating a Platform for Collective Action

Information Dissemination

Building awareness on existing state of women entrepreneurship and information on schemes and entitlements which could help aspiring women entrepreneurs in realising their dreams.

Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs

Inspirational stories of women from underprivileged backgrounds who realised their dreams of entrepreneurship. Read on to know more on how these women dared to break the glass ceiling and successfully started their own business enterprises.

In the News

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The only factor that dictates a woman’s ability to lead is her knowing she can do it: EdelGive Foundation CEO Naghma Mulla

Posted by YourStory on 13 Dec 2022

Over the last ten years, Naghma Mulla, CEO, EdelGive Foundation has enabled growth at various organisations supported by the foundation.Having qualified as a CA when she was 22.

A Karnataka Homemaker’s Journey Of Building A Better Life For Her Family, One Egg At A Time

Posted by Indiatimes on 15 Jul 2022

Being an entrepreneur is not something that Kamala Venkatramana Naik, a resident of Hasviguli village in Uttar Kannada district of Karnataka, ever thought about herself. Like most others in her village, Kamala and her husband Venktramana Naik owned very little

UdyamStree bags Gold at 2022 South Asia SABRE

Posted by PRovoke Media on 02 Aug 2022

The 2022 SABRE Awards South Asia winners were announced at the South Asia SABRE Awards ceremony on July 28. It’s Kind of Delicious and Wonderful — Glenmorangie with PR Pundit. Telling New India’s Story at Expo 2020 Dubai Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry

Women owned-businesses in India to rise 90% in next 5 Years

Posted by IANS Live on 13 Jan 2022

The study, conducted across 13 states, focuses on the challenges, impact on health, socio-economic security and family well-being outcomes of women entrepreneurs, providing a complete overview of women entrepreneurs and the ecosystem within which they thrive.

EdelGive Foundation, FICCI to help women in entrepreneurial ecosystem

Posted by The Print on 13 Jan 2022

EdelGive Foundation and the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to strengthen and accelerate outreach initiatives with respect to women entrepreneurship in the country.

How The COVID-19 Pandemic Turned This Jharkhand Tribal Woman Tailor Into ‘Mask Didi’

Posted by India Times on 13 Jan 2022

We are more than one-and-a-half years into the COVID-19 pandemic which has devastated lives and livelihoods alike across the world. A large section of the society, especially the vulnerable sections, whose livelihoods have been badly hit.

How This Tribal Woman From Jharkhand Became An Entrepreneur By Making Bamboo Handicrafts

Posted by India Times on 13 Jan 2022

COVID-19 pandemic has been a blow to many entrepreneurs, particularly those involved in small businesses. A large number of them have shut down, or are on the brink of closing down due to the financial difficulties inflicted by subsequent lockdowns.

What India needs to do to boost women entrepreneurship

Posted by Forbes on 13 Jan 2022

Boosting women entrepreneurship cannot be achieved in silos. Individual players at the macro level in the ecosystem—the government, NGOs, financial institutions, policymakers and legal experts among others—must work in tandem

Why role of institutional backing and credit in empowering women-owned enterprises is important

Posted by Firstpost on 13 Jan 2022

Women entrepreneurs belonging to low-income groups find it difficult to repay the loans even if they have low interest rates, due lack of awareness, guidance or gender-specific solutions

What we need to do to really empower and enable women

Posted by Forbes on 13 Jan 2022

The lack of access to finance is a huge marker for the adversities women in India face, with a gap of over $20 billion worth of unmet financing for Indian women entrepreneurs.

Role of education in creating a conducive environment for women entrepreneurship in India

Posted by Times now news on 13 Jan 2022

Corporate stakeholders, social enterprises, educational and skill development institutes, NGOs, and financial bodies, are working in tandem with the Government to advocate for the need of a robust ecosystem for women entrepreneurs.

Information asymmetry is keeping rural women entrepreneurs from success

Posted by Forbes on 13 Jan 2022

Farida, a 36-year-old widow lives in a small village in Kutch, Gujarat, with two daughters. She feeds her family by growing vegetables in her kitchen garden and supports them financially by working as household help in nearby homes.

This vegetable farmer from Gujarat built a biogas plant on her small farm to increase her crop output

Posted by YourStory on 13 Jan 2022

Vimalaben Dabhi decided to step out of her comfort zone after being inspired by a session she attended on innovative farming methods.

Tribal women seize opportunities, turn micro entrepreneurs

Posted by Village Square on 13 Jan 2022

With the right support, women in Khunti have overcome challenges and emerged as entrepreneurs. Each woman’s micro business has been her family’s financial mainstay during the pandemic

For women to succeed as entrepreneurs, systems must be redesigned to retain them, not just allow entry

Posted by YourStory on 13 Jan 2022

A recent EdelGive Foundation report highlights that if encouraged, women-owned businesses could grow up to 90 percent in the next five years.

How one farmer changed her fortunes and is helping other farmers in her area

Posted by YourStory on 13 Jan 2022

From struggling to feed her family of eight, Laxmiben Dabhi now has a successful harvest through the year and is training other farmers in her district with new agricultural techniques.

This Jharkhand tribal woman improved her family’s income; now mobilises others to better their lives

Posted by YourStory on 13 Jan 2022

In this week’s Monday Motivation, Jharkhand-based tribal woman Sushana Guriya talks about how she was able to increase her income from Rs 25,000 a year to over Rs 3 lakh from her lac harvest.

How Lehro Devi went from renouncing married life to inspiring thousands of women to be self-sufficient

Posted by YourStory on 13 Jan 2022

Despite her husband marrying for a second time after she could not have a male child, Lehro Devi took it upon herself to provide an income for the whole family, including her husband’s new wife and children.

Businesses owned by women entrepreneurs in India likely to grow up to 90 per cent in the next 5 years

Posted by Economic Times on 13 Jan 2022

Prominent philanthropic organization, EdelGive Foundation on Friday released its Landscape Study on Women Entrepreneurship. It is a comprehensive, national study that focuses on the challenges, impact on health, socio-economic security.

Women Entrepreneurship Day: 5 ways to strengthen biz in post-COVID world

Posted by Tribune India on 13 Jan 2022

The pandemic has disrupted the everyday functioning of businesses, affecting livelihoods, operational sustainability, and profit margins. Many businesses have had to shut shop while others continue to struggle.

Gender equity at workplace: Women’s role in the accelerating the economy needs to be realized

Posted by Qrius on 13 Jan 2022

While cultural and social norms prevent women from realizing their full economic potential, safety concerns restrict their physical and economic mobility.

Two-way street: women’s empowerment and economic development

Posted by Indian Express on 13 Jan 2022

Eliminating gender barriers and empowering women to be financially independent will not only have a profound bearing on the health, education and overall well-being of women but will also lead to improvement in these areas for their children.(Representational)

Study finds that businesses owned by women entrepreneurs in India may grow faster

Posted by Edex Live on 16 Apr 2021

Businesses owned by women entrepreneurs in India are likely to grow up to 90 per cent in the next five years, according to a new study which also notes that the uptake of government schemes supporting such entrepreneurs is quite low.

Why we must break the culture of silence

Posted by The Times of India on 21 Dec 2020

Committed to addressing the socio-economic inequalities that prevent women and girls from achieving their full potential, EdelGive Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Edelweiss Group, concluded its annual flagship conference EDGE 2020, recently.

Breaking Biases At Workplaces: Understanding Gender-based Discrimination

Posted by BW EDUCATION on 06 Jan 2022

While sensitization efforts are employed by organizations to showcase their inclusivity and diversity, things are not always smooth in practice, and gender-based discrimination continues to remain at the helm of workplace culture.

Boosting the entrepreneurship sector with focus on women can help revive the country’s economy

Posted by Her Story on 30 Oct 2020

Encouraging women entrepreneurs by providing interest-free loans, mentorship programmes and skill development will give an impetus to the country’s economy and inspire confidence among women to be self-reliant.

The potential of digitization in rural India – A case for women entrepreneurship amidst COVID-19

Posted by on 13 Aug 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has severely impacted the economy, affecting both male and female-owned enterprises. According to the Sixth Economic Census, only 13.8 percent of Indian establishments are owned by women, a majority of which are micro-enterprises.

This ‘Mask Didi’ from Jharkhand is helping women in her village gain financial independence

Posted by YOURSTORY on 21 Jun 2021

Jublina Kandulna, also known as Mask Didi, started making masks to sell across villages in her rural block. Today, she is helping other women become financially independent

Against all odds: How this tribal woman from Jharkhand is supporting her family by running a micro-business

Posted by YOURSTORY on 14 Jun 2021

Cristina Herenj, a 25-year-old from Khunti, Jharkhand, is now taking to running a small vegetable business and is the main breadwinner of her family.

For women entrepreneurs, it’s a difficult dance between social pressures and economic empowerment

Posted by Forbes India on 23 Jun 2021

In an exclusive conversation with the executive chairperson of EdelGive Foundation ahead of the launch of a new landscape study on women entrepreneurship.

This artisan is training other women in rural India to be financially independent

Posted by Your Story on 23 Jun 2021

From struggling to make ends meet, Sugdi Devi’s work has not only been used by leading fashion designers, but she has also trained students at leading fashion institutes.

Challenges and opportunities – Why women entrepreneurship lags in India despite governmental initiatives

Posted by TIMESNOWNEWS on 23 Jun 2021

Women entrepreneurship has the power to create jobs, encourage self-reliance and create balance for gender equations in our society to transform the face of the economy.

Youth Sensitization: an important aspect in combating gender barriers

Posted by Qrius on 07 Jun 2021

Youth is one of the most dynamic and important segments of our society. They are the change agents we need to create an equitable country.

Combatting Gender Biases in India – A Highly Profitable Prospect for the Country

Posted by CSR Mandate on 07 Jun 2021

Traditionally, women were expected to be wives and mothers who had the task of raising responsible citizens and maintaining a comfortable home.

Despite pandemic, women continue to persevere and contribute to their communities: Vidya Shah

Posted by Economic Times on 20 Apr 2021

According to Vidya Shah, Chairperson and CEO, EdelGive Foundation, many women today have embraced technology and moved their businesses online.

This campaign intends to help women-led businesses get that definitive edge. Here’s how

Posted by Edexlive on 20 Apr 2021

EdelGive’s Naghma Mulla explains why it’s important to provide women the right environment and support rather than just empowering them

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